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Welcome to brandsparky. Online Presence has become the most important aspect of any project or business in today’s world. If your digital existence is in the dark ages it’s like having a shop window with no lights on.


There’s no better time to shine online. Let the BrandSparky team illuminate your digital marketing strategy and ignite your online potential.

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First impressions count! Did you know 81% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase?

Whether your business is geared towards the consumer or B2B market, the vast majority of purchase decisions now involve visiting a prospective vendor website.


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Whether you are a start-up on a limited budget or an established SME, we have a solution tailored to your needs.

Web Design Care Plans

First impressions count. Having a well-polished and maintained website gives your company a professional look, and helps to improve conversion quality.

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WordPress Hosting

There’s no point having a beautiful website if most people are hitting the dreaded ‘Back’ button whilst waiting for your website to load. Our servers are tailor-made for hosting powerful WordPress-based websites.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is now a leading marketplace to sell, promote and grow your business.  A solid social strategy is crucial to maximise your online potential.

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Web Design Care Plans

Our Unique Packages

Your website can be the No.1 driver of sales in your online armoury. One of the main reasons why most websites fail to achieve this, however, is down to the lack of ongoing attention it receives.

Like most things in life, if you leave your website to fester and gather dust, sooner or later it will stop being effective, and might even stop working altogether!

At BrandSparky, we understand the difficulties that small businesses face in keeping up with the ever-changing online landscape, and have decided to take an exciting new approach to help maximise your biggest digital asset.

Our unique website design care plans give you the ongoing support to maintain & update your website, freeing up more of your time to focus on the service delivery of your business!

Put simply, when you become part of our care plan family, you will be able to request as many standard revisions as you like, for the lifetime of your plan, meaning your website will never again resemble an outdated, overpriced business card!

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Professional Design

Stunning Websites at an Affordable Cost

We believe that everyone should have a website they can be proud of.

The BrandSparky team can deliver modern designs to suit any budget, and we are passionate about helping small businesses realise the potential that your website has when properly managed.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a one person start up or a small-to-medium enterprise, we will build a website you can truly be proud of, your customers will be impressed by, and provide a lasting impact on your business.

Web Responsive

We Design with Mobile in mind.

Mobile internet traffic now accounts for over half of the total global traffic online, and by the end of 2018 it is predicted this will rise to a staggering 79%.

If your website does not have a Responsive Web Design (RWD) you could be losing traffic and customers by the bucket load.

Every BrandSparky website is Fully Charged with a comprehensive RWD, meaning your customers will have a great experience whether they’re browsing on a monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Standard Revisions

A Website That Maintains Relevancy.

The internet and your business is evolving every day, yet the majority of SME’s aren’t keeping their website as updated and before long ends up resembling a digital graveyard of outdated info.

Based on our own research, the same 2 reasons kept popping up time and again;

Web design agencies asking for a small fortune each time a revision is requested to a website they manage.


Business owners not having the time/knowledge to make the updates themselves.


At BrandSparky, we have identified this issue and come up with a unique solution that will enable you to keep your website up to date without gaining a diploma in programming or remortgaging your house!

Design Architecture

Our Tried And Trusted
Workflow Process.

We pride ourselves on being perfectionists. No stone is left unturned in our Research & Development to ensure your brand is being considerably represented through our work. As such, we employ a simple, but effective, four-stage R&D strategy:

If you are interested in learning more about how BrandSparky can help you, complete our simple contact form and we will be in touch!
1) Research
We will carry out extensive research on your industry.
2) Prototype
All our websites are built from scratch to improve stability.
3) Design
Our design team get to work on polishing your website.
4) Ongoing
Your site will be regularly maintained and updated by us.

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We love to collaborate with new people and work tirelessly to make you smile. Whether your project or business has short-circuited or just needs a rewire, get in touch to see what the BrandSparky crew can do for you.